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Images and stories are a great way to get you started in the discovery of what living in the region of Le Marche is about. Then you need to go and experience it yourself in order to seize the essence of this land. Coming from abroad, you either still have to discover Le Marche or, after being here, you loved it and want to come back. Maybe you are already planning to move once retired or to start a business locally. Maybe you are a Greek or a Croatian friend and know very well the capital city of Ancona because it is the gateway to your beautiful country via the calm waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Our team has one mission: inspiring the World to discover this genuine landmark in the eastern coast of central Italy. We believe that institutions, businesses and passionate individuals - brought together - can make local communities thrive while World travellers discover new opportunities and dimensions of life. We are still at the beginning of the journey: subscribe to our newsletter or like us on facebook and we will keep you posted about the launch of the project.