Start loving Le Marche even if you are not there yet


Le Marche is the only italian region with a plural name: the plural of Marca, originally referring to the medieval March of Ancona and nearby marches of Camerino and Fermo whose territories are part of today's region of Le Marche. Being it by chance or the inevitable result of a diversity of cultures and traditions, the truth is that Le Marche offer a unique plurality of atmospheres, landscapes, talents. Each of the 5 provinces in the region spans from the adriatic coast to the mountains, all passing by the harmony  and the calm of ancient towns built throughout an uninterrupted  series of hills and valleys. You can read of the rich region's history and geography in many well curated guides and portal in the web, experienceLeMarche.com wants to complement that by giving you a flavor of what being there can actually feel like. The sights of Le Marche do this job on their own, letting images suggest what senses and spirit can find through the shapes of diverse landmarks or ancient buildings, the colors of the natural scene, the sounds of music or words in the thriving cultural agenda of the region, the smells and flavors of local typical cuisine which, beyond their great quality and taste, are a serial excuse to celebrate the sociality of inhabitants of small towns as much as bigger cities. Heritage and tradition complete what feeds spirit and soul of visitors, with a rich footprint of immortal artists and poets (from Leopardi to Rossini and beyond) and with an intentional effort to commemorate the origins of each local community every year. Our Sights galleries are a fresh sip of all this, at your fingertips to either get you to visit Le Marche at your next trip or to help you showing to family and friends why you were delighted by the life in the region. Once you decide to go, we recommend you the insitutional portal for Toursim in Le Marche at www.turismo.marche.it for additional tips and practical info.