It all really begins by getting there for the first time

 Photo by Diego Marzoni  ©  2012

Photo by Diego Marzoni © 2012

Marchigiani is how you call in Italian those who were born in Le Marche. They are curious to get to know the World, they travel as much as they can but they are always happy to come back home in their region. Marchigiani are admirable if they take the challenge of moving to a big metropolis or abroad to pursue new ventures and opportunities: because they do it with the awareness of leaving behind - only temporarily most likely - a land with one of the finest lifestyle in the world. Marchigiani are privileged by origin. They are very proud about their region, if you know some of them you certainly already got an invitation to visit their hometown. It's about having at disposal nice beaches, green hills, hiking trails or ski slopes all in the same area within maximum 2 hours of commute. It's about uncontaminated natural parks, passionate cultural ferment, a wide choice of entertainment and social events from dawn to sunset and beyond, which are not mutually exclusive to each other and coexist in the same places. Le Marche offer one of the best high schools in the country, several universities and, probably not by chance, a prolific landscape of small and medium enterprises which nurture a costantly active vulcano of creativity, from figurative arts to theatre, from the fashion world to the furniture industry, from photography to poetry.

5 provinces: Ancona (abb. AN), who hosts also the omonymous capital of the region, is the first one that you discover if you get to Le Marche by plane, landing at the Falconara Airport, or by ferry, passing in front the enchanting Riviera del Conero. Pesaro-Urbino (PU) will be your access gate to the region if you come by car or by train from the north of Italy, Macerata (MC) is the first province you will likely encounter coming from west, via Umbria, and Ascoli Piceno (AP) will welcome those coming from south of Italy. To the province of Fermo (FM) you will not get by chance - it's not next to any regional border - unless you are paragliding from the Sibillini mountain chain, which is an actual option!